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Belajar Bersama Maestro: 2017 is an Indonesian’s Cultural and Education Ministry annual program thus believes in the potentials of young individuals across the nation of Indonesia. This program was design as a platform for high-school students to fill their summer holiday as a prestigious experience while learning with the great Maestros from Indonesian Art and Culture. These segments are differed from the significant differences from each method of learning art and culture, such as Visual Art, Media Art, the Art of Singing, Performing, and many more.


This year, the Visual Art segment was filled with two weeks of enjoyable learning process with the one and only Mr. Sunaryo. Not only did he invited them to visit Selasar Sunaryo Artspace and his creations in Wot Batu, but also invited them to visit his house and studios –they even got to watch him doing live paintings and such–.


Here are some pictures of when the students visited Wot Batu yesterday at Tuesday, July 18 2017. Right from the first hour of Wot Batu opening at 10 a.m, they entered and start their journey inside Mr.Sunaryo’s private creation.


Their day tour ended with a little sketching and contemplating around the site of Wot Batu.