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Dusk at Wot Batu is an event hosted from our hopes of creating a magnificent experience as a fund-raising purpose. Inviting prominent only individuals to come and join us, reflecting the picturesque sceneries of Wot Batu, listening to the thrilling performances from Bandung Philharmonic, while enjoying some of the best canape with wine.



We are here to perceive the value into life, and we may not reach our maximum potential by doing it on our own, thereby we are inviting you to come and cherish it in Dusk at Wot Batu.


Sunaryo creates Wot Batu as an attempt to create a monumental value, a message towards the future, a classical presence. The music thus shall be brought to you in this night, the Mozart you will hear is nevertheless a great example of great cultural heritage. And with mindful thought, we do not want you to carry out and enjoy the night without the companion of the canape and classic choices of wine.