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Wot Batu presents a delightful breakfast-lunch together with the members of Paguyuban Warga Pakar (PWP). We believe that the awareness of serenity and purposes of Wot Batu can be introduced among all the Pakar Residents. All guests shall be greeted with the reflective and philosophical ambiance of Wot Batu sceneries, completed with a various tea tasting from Havilla Tea to enrich the knowledge of mindful living. An inspiring morning to start the relationship between Wot Batu and everyone that surrounds it.



This event occupied three main points, first was to introduce Wot Batu and its visions to the whole Pakar residences, second was to introduce potential young entrepreneurs from Havilla Tea, and how they can support local creative industry by having workshops around tea-cupping. Tea varieties are offered and hand brought by Havilla Tea, which are:


  • Indonesian White Tea and French Rose Buds created in a cold brewed method.
  • Silver Needle White Tea from West Java, Indonesia
  • Jasmine Pearls Green Tea from Fujian, China
  • Kencana Rasa black tea – West Java, Indonesia
  • Guranse oolong – Himalaya, Nepal
  • Organic Chamomile – Egypt

Here is a view pictures to show you the magic set of tea they bring to the event:


And this is Neysa, one of the owner and founder of Havilla Tea


And the event would not be completed without a plate of freshly fried rice from one of the Pakar resident, Mr. Sunaryo’s best friend who happen to also be a chef.