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As a public space oriented toward the development and dissemination of contemporary art in Indonesia, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (SSAS) runs Bandung New Emergence (BNE) as a biennial program. Held since 2006, BNE aims to be a regeneration platform for young artists in Bandung. In its progress, BNE has become an event or institution providing opportunities for young artists to develop their career and artistry. Until its 6th volume, BNE has been involving hundreds of artists. Several of them succeed to get involved in many important episodes in the contemporary art world, both at national and international scale, such as Tromarama, Faisal Habibi, Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi, J. A. Pramuhendra and many more. In every occasion, BNE offers diverse curatorial methods, which will also be a regenerational event for young curators in Indonesia.
In September this year, SSAS is inviting some of the BNE-alumni artists to initiate an art project which would delve and resurrect their artistic memory toward important artworks of Indonesian artists in the past, as a continuity of knowledge about Indonesian art history. Entitled re: emergence, this program is presented also to commemorate SSAS’ 19 years journey in the terrain of Indonesian contemporary art. The charity program will not only support the execution of this ongoing project, but also in sustaining the next program in the near future.

Agugn Prabowo, Cecilia Patricia Untario, Erik Pauhrizi, Erika Ernawan, Erwin Windu Pranata, Haikal Azizi, J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra, Maharani Mancanagara, Michael Binuko, Mufti Priyanka (Amenk), Muhammad Akbar, Nurrachmat Widyasena, Radi Arwinda, R. Yuki Agriardi, Sekarputri Sidhiawati, Wiyoga Muhardanto, Yogie Achmad Ginanjar, Zico Albaiquni