Event Details

Bach at Wot Batu was another series of fundraising hosted by Wot Batu and Bandung Philharmonic. It was hosted in the hopes of making a magnificent night and to spread out joy by inviting our dearest ones to join. The night combined different elements from picturesque sceneries of Wot Batu, wonderfully arranged music by Bandung Philharmonic and delicious canapes.

These Canapes were kindheartedly supported by our fellow relatives from Heritage Kitchen, Dakken, Dago Bakery, Cremeria di Dee Gelato and even some homemade bites from our dearest ones, Petrina Faustine. The taste of South Korea can also be felt from the Peak’s wide range and explorations of Soju.

Sunaryo creates Wot Batu in the hope that life can be perceived in another point of view, that spirituality can be

depicted in the intimacy we cherish that night. Bandung Philharmonic presented a highly classical performance by the honorary guest cellist, Hee Young Lim from South Korea. Playing beside her are some of Bandung Philharmonic’s best cellist, Anggelia Sande Lilingan and Heidi Imanda Cahyadi.

Values we have held on to for so long are the essences we would like to cherish with all of our notable guests that night, privately at Bach at Wot Batu.