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Atelier Wot Batu x Rupane is a collaborative workshop where we introduce Atelier Wot Batu as a platform for quality workshops for home skills. Both Wot Batu and @rupanecraft have the same vision in applying mindfulness in daily aspects of our life -just like Rupane with their cold processed natural soapbars, which is the best process in soapmaking. We understands that quality takes time, the slower the better


Rupane is a home project start-up company run by a mother and her daughter who has a knack in exploring nature and local goodness. Exclusively hand crafted and made in small batches to ensure each product is mad with love and kindness in Indonesia. It is their objective in applying their preference in slow living, where everything is made in a slow and careful way, especially their high quality soap. Rupane soap bars are cold-pressed, which is a method that takes the most time compared to other soap making processes. It is undoubtly the best method for producing the best method for producing the highest quality soap bars. Made from all natural ingredients, such as saponified olive oil, castor oil, ricebran oil, cocoa butter, distilled water with various addition of good-smelling natural scents.


Here’s a picture when Shita and Ibu Tati from Rupane, with the help of Annisa – program manager of Wot Batu, explained very thoroughly the process of natural soapmaking. Rupane masterfully describe the specific and materials needed for making soap, the basic theory of processes and step by step method.

“For rupane, the slower the better. It shows how much they want to share, and how much they care”