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Alterdining Wot Batu with Hakim Gastrodiology was a dining experience in another level. We offered the guests a full five course dinner of two appetizers, two main courses and one dessert for each guest.


The appetizers were “Vanilla Infused Salmon Confit” and “Five Spices Ahi Tuna”.


The main courses were “Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken Floss” and “Cubed Australian Beef Fillet”.


Finished by “Mizu Shingen Mochi” or the infamous “Raindrop Jelly” as the dessert.


All presented beautifully with a special plating from @kandurastudio

Here’s the shot of our first session of Alterdining Wot Batu with Hakim Gastrodiology and Kandura Studio

One of the best thing is how the table setting is so intimate where all the participant can get to know each other, there’s nothing better to make the food tastes more delicious than good company. We are thankful for our amazing guests last night and we’re looking forward for our guests in tonight’s session