Wot Batu is a configuration of energy which occurs from Sunaryo’s spiritual and transcendental journey. In a ±2000 m2 open space with 135 +1 stones which are conceptually and harmoniously planted and laid out in it. Sunaryo withdraws a line of the mountains surrounding Bandung, and from that line, he brought volcanic stones that became a medium of a timeless masterpiece. Every carving, inlays, and fragment was not intended to change the stones, yet to incised a note of a civilization – a legacy from the 21st century for generations to come.

Sunaryo created Wot Batu to be a spiritual ‘bridge’: to be the balance between the human soul with the physical manifestations of life, also to be a link to the four elements of nature. In Wot Batu, earth, fire, water, and wind communicate with each other in harmony. Wot Batu brings the ideas of space and time – an awareness of human existence in an infinite dimension of nature.

“A simple stone bridge for the soul to cross and linger on – is how Sunaryo explained this place to me. Wot Batu is Old Javanese for stone bridge. The words like the stones themselves are rooted in the past. That it is the soul that crosses tells us that for him the bridge is also a metaphor for a spiritual journey.”


Tony Godfrey (Art Writer)

“Wot Batu was intended to serve as a bridge of understanding between what he has worked on as an artist to an insight that is at once spiritual, scientific, anthropological, ecological, and philosophical. Wot Batu hopefully can become a future site that lasts for hundreds of years.”


Agung Hujatnikajennong (Art Curator)


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